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Used Cars, Trucks and SUVs For Sale in Asheville, NC!

Why Benchmark Auto Sales?

With Benchmark what you see is what you get... We are a simple and straightforward car dealership in Asheville.

Low money down!

We post the minimum down payment requirement on every vehicle and this includes tax, tag, etc. You will not need anything more than what we post to drive off in your new pre-owned car.

No credit checks

We do not check credit so anything negative on it does not have to be discussed. Approvals are based on your job and affordability.

What buying a used car at Benchmark includes:

- We include a powertrain warranty for the life of the loan.
- We include roadside assistance for our warranty program for the life of the loan.
- We include GAP insurance for the life of the loan.
- We pay your property tax on the vehicle for the life of the loan.
- We have a free oil change program for the life of the loan.
- We include a full tank of gas with every purchase.

Everything we do is in-house

We never sell our accounts to outside companies. This includes the warranty, GAP insurance, roadside assistance, etc. This means you will never have to deal with a 1-800 number or anyone other than us concerning anything that may come up with your vehicle or account.

Professionally serviced used cars

All of our vehicles have been serviced by a franchised dealer's professional mechanic here in Asheville. Don't believe it? Take it to a mechanic of your choice for an inspection before you buy.

Flexible car loans and payment options

You can structure your payments how they fit you. Weekly, Monthly, Bi-weekly, Cash, Check, Credit Card, Debit Card, Auto Draft... You decide, we are flexible.

No commission sales staff

Nobody on our staff is paid by commission so we maintain a no pressure, laid back sales environment where you can shop without having a salesperson in your back pocket the entire time you are here.

Shop used cars online or on the lot

We post everything online so you can choose to shop here or at home and still get all of the information you need without any hassles, ever!

*Free Warranty offer not valid on $500 Down vehicles

* Discounts may be given for cash sales!!!!



Used Cars Asheville | Featured Vehicles!

2003 Honda CR-V LX 4X4 for sale by dealer
2003 CR-V LX 4X4 
Only $8,490
2006 Ford Focus ZX4 SE for sale by dealer
2006 Focus ZX4 SE 
Only $7,990
2010 Kia Rio LX for sale by dealer
2010 Rio LX 
Only $8,990
2009 Toyota Camry LE for sale by dealer
2009 Camry LE 
Only $10,990
2002 Nissan Altima 3.5 SE for sale by dealer
2007 Toyota Corolla S for sale by dealer
2007 Corolla S 
Only $9,490
2007 Toyota Yaris for sale by dealer
2007 Yaris 
Only $7,990
2005 Nissan Maxima 3.5 SL for sale by dealer
2005 Maxima 3.5 SL 
Only $10,990
1999 Chrysler 300M for sale by dealer
1999 300M 
Only $6,990
2006 Saturn Ion 2 for sale by dealer
2006 Ion 2 
Only $7,990
2007 Kia Spectra EX for sale by dealer
2007 Spectra EX 
Only $7,990

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