The Benefits of Leasing a Used Vehicle with Benchmark Auto Sales

Leasing a vehicle, especially a used one, is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional car buying. At Benchmark Auto Sales, we're proud to be leading this trend in North Carolina by providing quality leasing options for used vehicles, tailored to the unique needs and financial capabilities of our diverse clientele.

The Affordability of Leasing a Used Vehicle

Purchasing a brand new vehicle can put a substantial strain on your finances. By contrast, leasing a used vehicle often requires lower down payments and provides more affordable monthly payments. At Benchmark Auto Sales, we prioritize affordability and friendliness, offering in-house financing plans to make leasing an accessible choice for many. Our leasing options can make that commute from Asheville to the picturesque Blue Ridge Parkway or from Raleigh to the bustling Research Triangle Park more feasible.

Flexibility to Upgrade or Change Your Vehicle

Leasing a vehicle offers the distinct advantage of flexibility. Unlike purchasing, where you're committed to your chosen vehicle for the long haul, leasing allows you to switch up your ride more frequently. At Benchmark Auto Sales, you have the option to trade in for a different vehicle or simply walk away by paying a small $100 early termination fee after just thirteen months. So, whether you're considering upgrading to a larger SUV for family outings to Carter-Finley Stadium in Raleigh or need a different vehicle for excursions to Greensboro near Winston-Salem, we've got you covered.

Maintaining Control Over Your Vehicle and Finances

With leasing, you maintain control over your vehicle and your finances. There's no long-term financial commitment that comes with leasing. Benchmark Auto Sales further enhances this sense of control through our no credit check policy and the option to cancel the lease early with a termination fee. This flexibility is crucial in managing the cost of living in North Carolina, whether you're dealing with the cost of groceries in Asheville, enjoying the vibrant night scene in downtown Raleigh, or heading to the beach in Morehead City.

The Range of Vehicles Available for Leasing

From fuel-efficient commuters to spacious family SUVs and rugged pickup trucks, Benchmark Auto Sales offers a wide range of used vehicles for lease. With four locations across North Carolina, you can find the perfect vehicle to fit your lifestyle and needs. Looking for a compact SUV for weekend getaways to the Great Smoky Mountains from Asheville? Or perhaps a sturdy pickup truck for commercial work in Raleigh's thriving Warehouse District? We have the vehicle for you.

Leasing a used vehicle with Benchmark Auto Sales offers numerous benefits, including affordability, flexibility, control over your vehicle and finances, and a wide range of vehicles to choose from. We invite you to explore our extensive inventory of quality used vehicles available for lease. If you have any questions, our friendly team is always here to help. Make the smart choice - lease with Benchmark Auto Sales, North Carolina's leading dealership for used car leasing.

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