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For our buy-here, pay-here alternative in-house lease financing plans, we do NOT check credit because we base our approvals on your job, affordability and friendliness. You have to have a smile and your payments have to be 20% or less your net income to be approved. No joke, we only want to do business with friendly and happy people who appreciate the same in return!

To calculate what you are approved for, multiply your after tax (take home) pay by 20%. Your weekly payment has to be equal to or less than this amount to be approved. For example, if you take home $450 per week after taxes, you qualify for a $90/wk payment (450 x 20% = 90). If you take home $700 per week after taxes, you qualify for an $140/wk payment (700 x 20% = 140). Our typical payments run $85 - 145/wk and are listed next to each vehicle in our inventory section. You are also welcome to pay monthly if you set up your payments on auto draft.

We do consider other factors such as time in the area, distance between your work and home, etc., but our main focus is on affordability and friendliness. It's as simple as that... no blood samples, no five page application asking for 37 references, no invasive questions about any previous bad credit and absolutely no credit check, ever. If you can afford it and you are nice, you are more than likely approved!*

Also, our listed down payments are out-the-door down payments, meaning they include tax, DMV fees, etc. You will not need a penny more than what we have posted to leave the dealership with the vehicle if you meet the criteria for qualification mentioned above. If you qualify for a payment that is less than what we have posted, you can put more money down to lower the payment to where you need it to be to qualify based on your income.

*We are not able to use for hire commercial driving income (e.g. Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, etc.) for approvals, and our in-house leased vehicles are not allowed to be used for hire privately or commercially for any reason. All our in-house leased vehicles are permitted for personal use by the specific individual(s) on the lease contract only. Mileage restrictions apply. Please see dealer for complete details.

What you need to bring with you in order to get approved for our in-house leasing options:

  North Carolina Driver's License

  Proof of Income - Last two pay stubs and last two bank statements.

  Proof of Residence - Utility bill or something comparable that has been mailed to your physical residence.

  Down Payment (Checks not accepted) - If you are planning to use a credit or debit card, you should call the card provider during weekday business hours beforehand and ask them to have your daily limit increased to the amount you want to put down. Most cards have a $500 daily limit and will not let you charge more without calling ahead; and typically, you will not be able to change the limit over the weekend or outside normal business hours.

  Insurance - Securing insurance is by far the most time consuming part of the delivery process, especially if it is not taken care of beforehand. Most insurance companies will not let us talk to them about anything concerning your insurance so you will have to take care of it yourself before being able to get into a vehicle. We cannot deliver any vehicle until insurance is in place and we have written confirmation from the insurance provider of the same. Often, it is not possible to secure insurance outside normal business hours if you have not started the process beforehand. Anything you can take care of with the insurance company of your choice before coming to the lot will drastically cut down on the time it takes to be able to leave with a vehicle. Also, some insurance companies require a down payment to activate a new policy, and it is best to know all of this information before figuring out which vehicle you want so there are no surprises. If you receive an insurance quote that is more than you can afford, be sure to inquire about our collision damage waiver to see if it can serve as a more affordable alternative solution to our insurance requirement. We are simply trying to expedite the delivery process and get you driving the same day you decide which vehicle you want by suggesting you work on getting insurance in place beforehand. However, it is certainly not required, and we are more than happy to help you navigate the process so please do not hesitate to come to us with any questions or need for help with it. We are able to place our in-house collision damage waiver the same day with no delay.

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Traditional Installment Loan Financing (through an outside bank, credit check required):

We are partnered with many local and national lenders that allow us to be able to offer the most competitive traditional financing rates available in the market based on your credit score. We can help arrange financing through one of these third party lenders right here on the lot if you prefer it to our in-house options.

Vehicles that do not have a down payment listed next to them on our website are only available for traditional installment loan financing or cash sale and are not available for any in-house financing lease options.

Benchmark Auto Lease Details

»  Standard lease plans range from 57-260 weeks and have a purchase option. 3 year lease plans are 156 weeks and do not have a purchase option. No security deposit is required. Mileage restrictions apply. See dealer for complete details.

»  All leases are able to be canceled early with a termination fee.

»  All vehicles listed for in-house lease financing are offered exclusively as operating leases and will have a down payment listed next to them under our inventory tab. If there is not a down payment listed, the vehicle is only available for outside financing or cash sale.

»  Alternative financing options are available. All advertised payments are subject to change based on qualifications, contingent upon approval and may not apply to each individual.

»  Trade offers and credit approvals are subject to change without notice and at dealer's sole and absolute discretion.

»  There is a 2.5% fee on all credit and debit card charges in excess of $500.

»  Please see dealer for complete details.

»  All payments are final and non-refundable for any reason.


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