Why Choose Benchmark Auto?

We make auto finance simple and we do it with integrity

Benchmark Auto Sales and Leasing - We are a straightforward dealership offering mechanically sound and fully serviced vehicles at affordable payments. It is our mission to improve the in-house financing experience by eliminating the cyclical pitfalls of traditional buy-here, pay-here dealerships. We do this by including a limited powertrain warranty and GAP waiver on every vehicle, only approving deals with affordable payments, never locking you into long-term contracts and never allowing you to be trapped by negative equity when financing through our in-house financing plans. Simply stated, it is our goal to build lasting relationships while also promoting upward mobility and a positive used car shopping experience. Benchmark is the buy-here, pay-here alternative!

Benchmark’s extensive selection of used cars, trucks, and SUVs all include a limited powertrain warranty and GAP waiver. We will not sell or lease a vehicle 'AS-IS' to our customers. This means if we cannot stand behind the vehicle with a long-term warranty, we won't offer it on our lot. We could not do this if we did not uphold the highest standards for the used cars, trucks, and SUVs we provide. Refusing to offer vehicles 'As-Is' means something, and we think it says a lot about who we are as a dealer.

We are so confident in the quality of our vehicles we never lock customers into strict, long-term contracts. This means if we are not upholding our end of the deal by providing you with a reliable vehicle, you can terminate the contract and simply walk away by paying a small $100 early termination fee after just thirteen months. Including a GAP waiver on every vehicle and never locking you into long-term contracts also means you will never have to deal with negative equity as long as you take care of the vehicle, put less than 18,000 miles per year on it and keep full coverage insurance. You always maintain control when you finance with our in-house lease program!

Whether you are interested in our no credit check, in-house finance options or want to take advantage of the outside lenders we have access to for traditional financing, we can meet your needs and make getting a new car enjoyable.* We are a no-nonsense and no-pressure dealer where you will get direct answers to your questions in a laid-back environment and be treated with respect. Benchmark is built on integrity and doing business the right way.

Benchmark is the buy-here, pay-here alternative, and we keep it simple!

*See the 'Am I Approved' link at the top of the page for more information on our financing options.

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